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jsp kalyanbabu — SD WAN vs MPLS: SD WAN to replace MPLS!

For better or worse, businesses are becoming more globalized by the day. Business-critical traffic is increasingly routed between offices across borders, incurring packet loss and latency that are completely unacceptable. Network architectures that served us well for years no longer fit global business in 2017.

To meet the needs of a global enterprise, our network architectures need to evolve as well. Which architectural approach will best serve your needs — MPLS, public internet or cloud networks? Our answer is, well, it depends.

Business Needs vs Regulation
Compliance and regulatory issues as well as business needs take center stage when making a decision. Regulation can limit your options, but at the same time your network is a strategic business asset, critical for optimizing the overall business performance.

With the rise of SaaS, the cloud, and continuous migration of business-critical applications to mobile and globalized business environment, secure and reasonably priced connections become vital for maintaining international business operations. For a global company operating in distinct markets, a stable and optimized network becomes a mission-critical asset.

The Pros and Cons of Public Internet
Ordinary broadband Internet is inexpensive and widely available. The low-cost, easily adopted public Internet is an attractive option for reducing bandwidth costs, at least when compared to MPLS. On the downside, volatile latency, congestion, and the lack of end-to-end management can disrupt business-critical applications.

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